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Zoom Stryder EX: How fast is it? 

Zoom Stryder EX has appeared in such a proper time when electric scooter companies are covering a large market share. People are falling in love with the Zoom Stryder Ex ride. It has become such a convenient way to travel for short distances. The hectic bus ride was the only option among people. With the emergence of electric scooters, people can easily swap the sweaty bus ride with a fantastic e-scooter ride. In the list of e-scooters, Zoom Stryder Ex is the best adult e-scooter which has made a good reputation in the market.

The biggest advantage e-scooters are enjoying is the economical price which anyone can buy. Along with the fun and excitement filled in the e-scooter ride, one is capable of enjoying a vehicle with specified eye-catching features. Zoom Stryder EX is available in a lightweight design assuring a comfortable ride.  

Zoom Stryder EX: Some magnificent specifications

If you’re well-equipped with the e-scooters provided by companies such as Lime and Bird, then you can easily extract out the Zoom Stryder EX specifications. Zoom Stryder EX model is built in a stylish manner which looks trendy. The lightweight design is striking and arrests everyone’s attention. Zoom Stryder weighs 23.8 lbs which is just 10.8 kg along with a superior load rating of 243 lbs (110 kg). For more specifications, read the points below: 

 Top speed: Zoom Stryder EX is doing an excellent job with a top speed of 18 mph (30km/hour) which is sound. However, to ride in certain areas or streets, Zoom has provided limited speed e-scooter models with a top speed of 15.5 mph (25km/hour). In Europe and Singapore, it is legal to ride the speed of 25 km/hour, so it becomes convenient for the people over there to ride a limited speed Zoom e-scooter model.

 Regenerative braking: With the presence of regenerative braking, Zoom Stryder Ex is achieving huge success in the market. People are always concerned about safety when riding on the roads or streets. So, Zoom has overlooked over the safety concern and assured a superior control facility with the regenerative brakes in Stryder.  

 Lights: When you apply the brake, the rear flash turns on. On the button located on handlebar, there is a front headlight attached to it. With the proper lights, it becomes convenient to look in the dark also. You won’t face any problems related to clear visibility when riding on Zoom Stryder Ex.

 Running range: Zoom has focused maximum attention on ensuring a good running range. Generally, it depends upon the type of battery, whether the running range would be high or low. In the Zoom Stryder EX model, you’ll get a range of 18 to 22 mi (30 to 35 km).

 Battery: You won’t face any battery related problems in Zoom Stryder EX models. With a battery pack of 280 Wh consisting of 18650 LG cells, it has secured the e-scooter for a smooth ride. The single charging time in the e-scooter is 3 hours, which is sufficient for covering a long-distance ride.

You can doubt on Stryder’s performance, power, and operation. For a flawless ride, you should not miss investing in Zoom Stryder EX.

What are the prices of the electric scooters in the market?

E-scooters are running in the modern trend and enjoying a positive response from the riders. Just when the e-scooter manufacturing companies emerged with such an innovative solution, people start hitting like. This smartly designed electric scooter is just a convenient way to reach office, school, playground, and other destination without any trouble.

When searching for a perfect e-scooter model, people are worried about the price range. Along with durability and quality, price is also an important factor in the process of buying an e-scooter. In different models, you’ll find a distinct list of features. With a distinction in the features, different models hold a different price range. You can’t get each e-scooter model at the same price tag.

Razor and Glion Dolly e-scooter prices

Razor e-scooters hit up the market with a price range of $100 to $500. Razor employs a professional team which is skilled enough to work with good efforts. Razor team never compromises with the quality since it wishes to provide the best to its customers. Also, it depends upon the reliable manufacturers such as Unite and Wuxing for the e-scooter parts. Though, Razor e-scooters are available in simple models.

Glion Dolly e-scooters are available in a price range of $500 and above. Currently, Glion Dolly is involved in manufacturing the best e-scooter models with wider features such as heavy-duty tires, complete suspension, and so on.

Determining the electric scooter price: Grab all the necessary information

Currently, people assume that the price just reflects what you buy! Though, it is not the case which is always true. The e-scooter pricing can be determined by the below-mentioned points:

 What is the list of featured attached to your e-scooter model?

 What are the average and top speed of your model?

 What is the running range or distance covered by the scooter?

 What type of materials are used in the manufacturing process?

 Is it made from premium or low-quality materials?

 What are the additional features in the model?

 What is the average battery life?

 Does it work with a Chinese battery ($10 price) or LG battery ($25 price)?

 What is the software used in the e-scooter operation?

All these things are important to consider when searching for a new e-scooter model. Before investing in any model, note down the answers for these questions. After noting down, you should compare all the models to reach the best option. If your requirements are matched by a particular model, then you can invest in it. Moreover, your budget range also plays a crucial role in selecting any e-scooter model.  Many times, people wish to get high speed in the e-scooters. So, you need to pay an extra charge for such a feature set-up in your e-scooter.

Comparing expensive and cheap e-scooter models

In general, everyone is aware of the benefits associated with expensive e-scooter models. In terms of quality, it won’t compromise at all. On the contrary, the cheaper models would scoreless when talking about quality structure. For enjoying a comfortable ride, it is always best to invest in a high range of e-scooter. Not every expensive model will satisfy all your needs. Though, it is accurate to say that the expensive models are sourced with more benefits as compared to the cheap ones.